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Essential Tranquillity Body Massage
Essential Tranquillity Deep Tissue Massage


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Massage therapy helps us to relax or can be stimulating.
It can help to ease aches and pains and it helps to trigger the release of the body’s natural painkillers and gives a general sense of contentment.

Massage calms the nervous system and has a balancing effect whilst relaxing and focusing the mind. Besides feeling good and being a pleasurable experience, massage can increase the body’s self awareness, sensitivity and reduces stress, tension and anxiety levels. It also helps to drain toxins via the lymphatic system, breaking down cellulite and fatty deposits.

Deep Tissue Massage is a stronger and more emotional massage. It is only offered for 20 or 45 minutes as a treatment due to the deeper pressure to the selected body areas agreed in the consultation. Please be aware that the deep nature of the massage may be noticed over the next 24/36 hours.